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Core Groups

Core Groups

What is a Core Group?

A Core Group is an activity-based sub-network of CANQATE that operates at the community, national or sub-regional level. CANQATE has developed two (2) types of Core Groups:

  1. National Core Groups (also called Country Core Groups);
  2. Sub-Regional Core Groups.

These Core Groups are not meant to replace, but enhance, the work of the wider CANQATE network nor are they to compete with any EQA (External Quality Assurance Agency) or government department responsible for quality assurance and accreditation in that territory.


What does a Core Group Do?

Core Groups are principally established to deliver the mandate of CANQATE through hosting of distinct activities such as events (discussion groups, meetings, social events, workshops, seminars and conferences etc.) and projects. Examples may include using CANQATE members to facilitate:

  • A Cocktail Reception or Tea Party for welcoming new members;
  • A Panel Discussion Forum on Peer Review in the territory;
  • A Meeting with Tertiary Education Institutions on the role and benefits of CANQATE;
  • A Workshop for EQA Staff on Methods for Developing Tertiary Qualifications Frameworks;
  • Hosting of an Annual CANQATE Conference on a specified Theme.


Core Groups are present in:

  • Barbados
  • Jamaica
  • Trinidad and Tobago