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The Grenada National Accreditation Board

The Grenada National Accreditation Board (GNAB) was established in 2014 and is the duly authorised body by Act No. 15 of 2011 as amended by Act No. 31 of 2014, with responsibility for quality assurance and accreditation of post-secondary and tertiary level institutions in Grenada and advising on the status of quality assurance and accreditation with respect to local, foreign or transnational, post-secondary and tertiary level programmes and institutions.

Post-secondary and tertiary level education and training refer to institutions and programmes which generally require successful completion of secondary schooling or its equivalent, and which lead to the award of qualifications at the sub-baccalaureate, baccalaureate, and postgraduate levels

The Governing Structure according to the ACT #11, speaks to a Quasi-Government affiliation: It is a public organization, independent of Government, but remains part of the public system (an autonomous public agency).

The role of GNAB is to safeguard the interests of all current and future students studying within Grenada’s higher education system.

It does this by regulating and assuring the quality of Grenada’s Higher Education Providers as indicated by provisions identified in the Act.

Mission Statement: Ensuring quality, standards and recognition for Tertiary Education

E mail: accreditation@gov.gd

Website: is under re-construction: accreditation.gov.gd