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CANQATE was established to promote best practices in quality assurance and quality enhancement in the region through the capacity building, sharing of information about the maintenance, evaluation, accreditation and improvement of tertiary/higher education.

It comprises over 135 members from national quality assurance agencies, tertiary institutions, government ministries, regional and extra-regional related bodies and other interested organizations and individuals.

Given its composition, CANQATE provides the networking and learning opportunities for its members to:

  1. Share their experiences in the field of quality assurance and quality enhancement;
  2. Provide coaching and mentoring for example, by experienced quality assurance agencies and through study tours/attachments to observations of quality assurance operations,
  3. Training for peer reviewers and other capacity-building activities; to present good practices on quality assurance and quality enhancement within agencies and institutions for example, through presentation of papers at its annual Conferences;
  4. Listed in its databases as peer reviewers and consultants;
  5. Receive discounts for attendance at the annual conferences, amongst other benefits.